Rotten Drivers

I nearly got side-swiped while out driving this morning. There were two left turn lanes. I was in the rightmost lane and a woman in a minivan was in the left one. When the light turned green she made a very wide turn and missed me by about six inches. I had to swerve on to the shoulder to avoid being hit. Then I saw that she had one arm partly out of the window and was holding a cellphone to her ear. I honked my horn and she made a waving gesture (just a wave, not an obscene gesture) and in so doing accidentally threw her cellphone out the window!

So here’s my public service list of the Top Ten Worst Drivers. I left out the really obvious ones such as drunks, tailgaters, aged hippies driving old VW buses, and middle-aged guys driving red sportscars.

Starting with the worst kind it’s . . .:

1)  BMW drivers

2) Camaro drivers

3) Anyone talking on a cellphone without a hands-free headset

4) Old guys driving Lincolns

5) Long-haul Semi drivers

6) Young white girls in tiny econo-cars

7) Minivan drivers in the suburbs

8 ) Sheriff’s deputies named Bubba

9) Anyone in the leftmost lanes driving five – ten mph below the posted limit 

10) Everyone else but me (tongue firmly in cheek)