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Yes, there really is an Enochsvision. I’m incorporated in the state of Georgia I’ve uploaded biographical information all over the place. The first place to look is on my website where I’ve redone the Artist Statement page. There’s now a link there and on the Contact page to the Artist’s Gallery site where I’ll be selling fine art prints of my photography soon. There are expanded statements and biographical data there. By next week I will have added about 40 prints. I haven’t determined a price for them yet. Not stopping with that I wrote Facebook and MySpace profiles also. They all contain essentially the same information but the Artist Gallery at Absolute Arts has the most comprehensive information. In the picture above I was standing in front of a poster of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I saw the original dozens of times when I was a teenager at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City. With no more than a tiny return subway token in my pocket I went there almost twice a week starting when I was 15 and ending when I left New York permanently.

I spent hours enraptured by three very special paintings: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh; Waterlilies by Claude Monet; and Guernica by Pablo Picasso. The latter two are wall-size murals. I had read virtually every available book about and biography of Van Gogh. It wasn’t until I read Kay Redfield Jamison’s now classic work, Touched With Fire a few years ago that I actually understood him but I loved his work anyway.

I was only 16 in my senior year at Bronx High School of Science. I had skipped eighth grade and my birthday is in June. I graduated with two awards (Creative Writing and Spanish) two weeks after I turned 17. In August I left for the San Francisco area by hitch-hiking across country by way of Toronto, Detroit, Indianapolis, Denver and Cheyenne. Except for four one-day visits I never returned to New York. I also never saw my parents again.

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Recent Self Portrait
Obviously I hadn’t had my morning double shot of espresso yet when I painted this self portrait. (Old glasses with big frames. I changed them a few months after making these images.)



  1. Niki · March 18, 2008

    Starry, starry night is one of my inspirations too, along with Van Gogh. I used to go walking in the mountains as a youngster, and as a young Christian I would sing it with Jesus at the end instead of Vincent – “they took your life”, instead of ‘you took your life’.

    I also have a thing with Monet’s Bridge Over a Pool of Water Lilies. Tried writing a poem about it once but it didn’t work… i was trying to put into words the layers of shades of green (my favourite colour). I don’t paint, you see, but it’s just so perfect, the way he painted the green-ness and blue-ness around. I couldn’t match that.

    Oh – another coincidence – we just had a conference at the University where I work – our School of Architecture in collaboration with MOMA.

    Peace, Niki

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  3. jane from kansas city · April 18, 2009

    The exploration of this site is akin to visiting a vast exquisitely personal repository of photographic artwork, poems, extemporaneous thoughts and, of course grounded in the faith that there is a “god” and that god is ultimately the foundation of the cosmic force that drives all creation. This artist , like Van Vogh, has suffered deeply but has not given in to the dark forces; rather, he has turned pain and adversity into radiant works … more importantly inspiration for all who are lucky enough to find him. You are a beautiful soul. I understand your outrage at the bombastic and ridiculous declarations of the ignorant, frightened and small-minded tyrants who demand a stage for their hatred of women and anyone who does not resemble them. These people are terrified that they are temporarily losing followers. I believe there are enough like you to pull us further towards transcendence , tolerance and ,as you have so beautifully illustrated it, LOVE. JD

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