A Balloon in Syria


We hear our leaders plead for yet another foreign war.
They argue that tyrants committed atrocities against the children.
Urgently, forcefully they argue that they must deliver the message.
It will not be a war. It will be a message. A message to Syria.
They claim the message will spill very little blood.
The message will not harm the children.
They say the message will be decisive.
They won’t deliver the message to the tyrant.
It will only be a message from one bomb to a different bomb.
They say it is a message to end all messages.
Weren’t they all?

A Balloon for Syria

Unfinished digital and mixed media: Infrared film, 2 digital photographs, scanner, oil pastels on cardboard.

A Balloon in Syria

by Cary Enoch Reinstein

Imagine being a balloon.

Dear, happy balloon
you can float anywhere you can dream
a slender golden thread
tethers you safely to your point of origin
you can snap back to it in an instant
touch other balloons
all the colorful and free balloon souls
communicate with them
see and hear their thoughts
while they see and hear your thoughts
play and dance in the air
and you are not fragile
not like any artificial balloon
you will not burst
nor should you fear it
for a forest of balloons protects you.

Besides, if you do burst
nobody will ever notice anyhow
you’re too far away
too insignificant
nobody will even hear you pop.

When I was a new balloon
I glowed like a gemstone
full of light and promise
I was a balloon
for such a short time
then I became afraid
Do you know why?


I discovered that balloons tell lies
and they do burst.

The balloon was translucent like a jellyfish
it rose in stately slow motion
casting opalescent reflections
then the air began to burn
the balloon’s ascent quickly became more erratic
as it sought vainly to ride accommodating air currents
suddenly the balloon string snapped
pitching it toward the roughly textured wall
where it burst
and the reddish jelly within the balloon
streamed out like blood.




  1. Diane Mathias · September 8, 2013

    Ah Cary,
    A balloon within a ballon, a “feign within a feign” (Herbert).

    Your work is poignant and poised to speak truth.

    Thank you

  2. enochsvision · September 8, 2013

    This image is 19 by 22 inches in size. I took two snapshots yesterday of simple flowers that grow on vines in my backyard and also used a old photograph of one of my children –from when he was very little, and considerably altered to blend with the textures and colors I was trying to express. In one sense, I’ve never really finished any image.

    War is futile and senseless. There is only One message that can make a difference.

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