The Day the Magic Died


Yesterday morning, one day before my birthday, a tragically short five years and six months after Magic entered into my life, transformed it, brought wonder into it, brought unending happiness, brought his massive yet gentle strength into my life, brought his antics, his sense of wonder, his joy, his vitality, his total awareness of everything around him, one day before my birthday, my solace and strength in my isolation, my companion, the evanescent life of German Shepherd dog Magic ended. An as yet unknown person had carelessly or wantonly strewn rodent poison where Magic couldn’t help but find it.

Last night I knew that if I walked into the bedroom I would feel Magic happily trotting after me, eager to take his place on his blanket beside my bed. I did not want to wake up this morning and not feel his probing nose, Magic’s way of saying

:::come on alpha new day nothing but delicious food and chew toys and tennis balls and rabbits and seedpods and butterflies and birds up in the sky to chase sunshine and fun out there.:::

I sat on the couch in a semi-darkened room all night. I hoped to meditate, but how foolish, how could my mind not replay the years of Magic? Magic was his name because the word described his soul better than any other word could possibly describe it.

Magic is not a name you can just hand to a vital living creature. The first moment they look into your eyes, they announce in a matter of fact yet certain way, a way you will never doubt, that your life needs magic and they are that magic.

:::that’s me call for magic i’ll come running:::

Those eyes talk because a magical creature needs no words, dismisses them, cares not a bit about words.

:::that’s us together we’re magic we become one:::

Two large dark eyes look deeply into your eyes, their warm and gentle bearer yips and licks and wiggles

:::we found a home a mission a promise of unending happiness we found you:::

They say

:::just give us a tennis ball that squeaks or a piece of fresh chicken and we’re good to go never to leave your side there is no otherness all that we see hear and smell is one all of us are one endless web of unbroken vibrating energy eternally now without a past of sorrows don’t question it because we don’t question it as it embraces us all it is us it is a promise it is connection it is good:::

Magic continues

:::we’ll always remind you of something it is more important than anything in the universe even more than squeaky tennis balls and fresh chicken:::

To take you for a walk? To rub your belly?

:::foolish alpha without as much sense and knowing as we have know this there is magic beyond everything we all see or don’t see an unknowable essence of creation that makes all things has made all things from the beginning without a beginning and end that never ends our love proves it all connectedness demonstrates and glorifies it try not to forget the connection is forever call it magic:::

I brought home a warm puppy who matured into a prince of his species, like a mythical magnificent Pegasus, who embodied all of its charisma, and its legends.

That’s all I can say right now.

Magic Ghibor, 2 Oct. 2008 – 31 May 2014