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Animal Companions

Ahava (German Shepherd Dog)
Smokehouse Dog Treats Update

Art and Imagery
Note: many of my blogs about Art Topics also appear under Bahá’í Topics so they are not listed twice here. Bahá’í Topics followed by the letter A also discuss art or are illustrated by my photographs.

After The Flood
Afternoon With Monet
A Tree Moves No Longer
Evanescent Images
Going With the Flow
Flowers On The Sun
If a Sunrise or Sunset Could Speak
If a Sunrise or Sunset Could Speak (continued)
Light Beams and Symbolism
My Blue Period
My Perception of Color
The Name Enoch
Painting With Light
Portraits of the Artist (Who is enochsvision?)
Walking Into Paintings

Bahá’í Topics

‘Abdu’l-Bahá With Flowers A
After The Flood
Battling With the Dead (Iranian cemetery desecration)
Entering the Qiblih A
Flowers on the Sun
Haifa Souvenir
Hezbullah’s Warning to Bahá’ís
How I Became a Bahá’í A
Leaves of One Tree A
Light Beams and Symbolism A
Meditation A
Mirror Neurons and the Exemplar
The Manifestation of God in Feminine Imagery A
The Movement of Trees A
The Name Enoch A
Pilgrimage to the House of the Bab A restored filmstrip with narration
Science and Religion (updated 6 Dec. 2007)
Streams of Divine Wisdom A
Sweet Scented Streams A
Views of Akka A century old book of rare historical photographs

Environmental Crisis

A Tree Moves No Longer
Consumer Reports and Hybrid Cars
Martyred Prometheus

Health and Diet

Latest Medical News
Walking Corn Chips

Misc. Topics

A Few TV Reviews

My Stuff

Hands (Home Birth)
My Neurons May Explode
Rotten Drivers
The Name Enoch


Death in the Suburbs
Entering the Qiblih
Evanescent Images